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Postby SpiritFngrz » July 9th, 2006, 12:16 pm

Scruffybug wrote:I'm going for a post-doc...I've got an interview this fall in Boston. Just have to make it through the last leg of the journey---the dissertation.

What types of job are you looking for? How's the market there?

Awesome! Sam is a love-bug. And Sis made a good point about the BSL. If you live in the suburbs, you'll most likely be cool.
I'm going to do a post-doc in industry and I should be done with my dissertation by April. The market out here is awesome for PhDs. There is so many biotech and pharmaceutical companies it's not even funny-Astra Zeneca, Millenium, Wyeth, Novartis, and Genzyme to name a few. Cambridge and Waltham are just a couple of the towns that are loaded with them. If you want a post-doc in academia there's of course Harvard and all the major Boston schools, plust Tufts and UMass Medical which is near me in Worcester.
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Postby Scruffybug » July 9th, 2006, 1:34 pm

Bug is actually his nickname (because he had so many when I found him!).

I'm going the academia route. My 'interview' is at Harvard; a prof at their eye institute would like to collaborate with our lab and has offered a post-doc position so unlike typical interviews I will get to work at the bench for a week in their lab...I think this will give me a good indication whether I will like it or not.

I hadn't considered a post-doc in industry. I'd bet you get much better pay and benefits.
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