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Postby Attila Magyar » June 28th, 2006, 2:31 pm

Thanks for the warm welcomes to all. Romanwild that is a cute dog in the front.
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Postby panda » June 30th, 2006, 12:30 pm

:hello5: and welcome. I have enjoyed reading your intro A.M. I found it to be very interesting.
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Postby Patch O' Pits » June 30th, 2006, 2:53 pm

Welcome aboard and enjoy!
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Postby turtle » July 1st, 2006, 2:18 pm

Hello Wilhiem, welcome!

Your intro was very interesting and you have some well bred dogs. And a farm too... I used to live out in the country and the farm raised foods taste so much better. I'm stuck in a city now but I remember the good stuff from way back then. I visited Hungary many years ago and it's a beautiful country.

Now I'll have to go see the photos of your dogs!

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Postby luvmyangels » July 1st, 2006, 10:14 pm


Welcome to the group. You have done a lot of things in your life. Thank you for doing all you did serving our country. :D
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Have a great day!! :)

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Postby Miakoda » August 1st, 2006, 12:23 am

Welcome! Nice to see you over here! & love the intro.......... :wink:
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