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Postby gmorales » August 30th, 2008, 2:02 am

My love affair with pitbulls began in 1986. Don't ask me why, I just felt they were completely misunderstood. I had never owned one. I bought my first pitbull that year, papers and all. My father was in a bad accident, and in between working and trips to the hospital, plus going to school, my baby was stolen from me. The first time I was lucky, I was able to recover Ashley, the second time, they broke into my home, I never saw her again. I was sick. I never wanted to get another pit, let alone another dog, the loss was too painful to bear. My first rescue (pit) was in 1995, my son & daughter found him wandering in the park by our home. Izzy was my baby's name. He was blonde with white markings, and green eyes. I was fearful of him to say the least. He malnourished and abused, covered with ticks, and rather large( the vet said he was 7 mos. when I took him in). The next day was Easter Sunday. We spent the day dipping Izzy, and doing away with the ticks that were falling off. On Monday morning off to our vet we went. It was no surprise that he was diagnosed with tick fever, his immune system was shot. 3 months and several hundreds of dollars later, Izzy was on the up & up, he became my dog, I cleaned his mucus plugs and cleaned his eyes when he couldn't open them in the morning. He slept with me. We had another dog, Clyde, 1/2 red/blue heeler, this was the dominant dog, he was the only dog Izzy ever bowed down to. All other animals in our yard were fair game to kill, not overkill, mind you, just a quick snap of his massive head, and it was over. I would get upset with him, but I was never able to break him of that habit. Our cats were safe with him, they would sleep in between his paws. Clyde lived to be 17 years old, that is when our vet talked me into euthanizing him, he was blind, deaf, & incontinent. By this time Izzy was 13 years old, and had developed cancer of the prostate, he followed Clyde 6 months later in July 2006. By this time I had acquired my 2nd rescue in March 2006. Cyclops at the tender age of 5 weeks, and 5 lbs. Malnourished, fed of all things Ol Roy Adult Dog Food. I didn't know this at the time, he was constantly going to the bathroom, I thought he had parvo, I took him to the vet. He passed everything with flying colors. Now we have also added a rottweiler Hercules to our family, plus 2 cats, all under the same roof. Unfortunately, Cyclops is very possesive of me his Mama, and a couple of weeks ago, I took in my 3rd rescue pit, we named him ZERO, gorgeous, however fullgrown. Noticeably well built, he has been put some steroids or power weight training, he has alot of scar tissue. He is bigger than Cyclops, 2 days ago, they got into a scuffle, and we broke it up, Cyclops seemed ok, until tonight, he has developed a fever, and a lump on the right side of his chest. I am very worried and stressed. I gave him one baby aspirin, I will probably stay up all night tonight with him, all vets are closed, & off to the vet we will tomorrow. Hopefully some antibiotics willl fix him up. This is my story, and I was just surfing on the internet, when I found your website. 12:53 am

Thank you,
Cyclops Mama
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