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Postby TLC » June 19th, 2008, 11:27 am

Hi everyone :wave2: . I am so happy to have found this site, I wish it were for happier news, but I hope this will be a very happy ending ....

My name is Nicole and I am in NY. I have search out this site to help my younger brother (whom lives in NJ). He has a 1 year old female named Lola. Oh she is just stunning :D - She is black and white and she just has the most gorgious markings (at least we think so). Anyway, my brother has raised her with nothing but LOVE from when she was about 7 weeks old. He cares for her deeply and that is why I am here....His job is starting to place him in the srrounding states for weeks at a time. He has a friend caring for Lola, but he feels it is not fair to her anymore and he has thought long and hard and he is very sad, but he doesn't want to be shelfish anymore, he has asked me to help him find a loving and stable home for his baby girl... :(

We don't have any family left here on the east coast and we don't have any friend that are worthy of such a great responsibility, so that is why I have come here to pitbull talk for some help and advice :?

I myself and my parents and sister all have small dogs and a number of them are rescues, we are a very loving family and our pets are like our children. Having to rehome Lola is very sad for all of us, and we each are committed to doing the right thing for Lola and will do what we need to do to find her that loving and stable forever home. I myself belong to yorkietalk (for the past 3 years) so I have a feeling that this community is as caring and passionate as we are over on YT :D

Lola is approx. 1 year old, black and white female, UTD on her shots, currently on heartworm, she is 50 lbs. My brother took her to get spayed last month, but the Vet said she was at the end of her heat still and he wouldn't spay her at that time. He said to bring her bac in 2 months (never heard of it being like that). So she needs to still be spayed. We have a coupon from the friends of animals to help with the cost of her spay.

I am going to try and attach some photos (hopefully my knowledge from YT site will be handy over here :) )

Well, I am asking for help and advice on rehoming Lola :cry: ....We truly aprreciate it.


P.S. Lola is a die hard Miami Dolphin fan :dance:
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Postby KJS » June 19th, 2008, 12:03 pm

Hello and welcome in :mrgreen:

I wish you lots of luck in finding a suitable new home for Lola...I'm sure the people here will be very helpfull to you
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Postby Remington » June 19th, 2008, 12:04 pm

Wow! Welcome, she is a cutie! Hope she finds a wonderful new home:) :wave2:
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Postby TLC » June 19th, 2008, 12:16 pm

Thank you all for your welcomes and kind words and thoughts. Lola is a doll and she is so pretty, this is very difficult for my brother. I know he has been trying to be able to keep her, but he called me this morning really upset and said he has to do whats best for his girl, he said "can you please help me" (I am crying as I write this, b/c I know how painful that was for him :cry: )

I am working very hard right now for Lola and my brother, trying to find her the perfect home. If you knew me, you would know that I am the 'gang' leader of my family for dogs rights. I learned the hard way when I purchased my yorkies from a BYB as they are sick now. I am constantly searching for abused and negelcted yorkies and I try to cross post and help where I can. So wanting to help Lola is second nature to me, it's just that I am not too familar with her breed and kinda feel helpless in a way b/c I know that she is a difficult breed to place, but I will do it, I have my faith and that will bring me to the right family :D
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Postby Scout » June 19th, 2008, 12:45 pm

Hello and welcome to PBT! :wave2: I wish you had found us on better circumstances...but as it is, we do still require a small introduction before the mods will approve you. And once they approve you, you are more than welcome to post about Lola in our Rescue section. We have more members read the rescue section than the intro section :)

So please tell us a little about yourself and your yorkies. How many yorkies do you have? Age? Names? any funny quirks you would like to share about them? Though we are pit bull lovers we are still dog lovers and welcome all different breed owners to be an active member in our community. :D Oh yes...and you also required to post pictures of your yorkies ;)

PS Lola is very stunning...her markings are very beautiful! I wish you and your family the best of luck with her!
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Postby madremissy » June 19th, 2008, 12:55 pm

Hello and Welcome :wave2:
We welcome all kinds here. They let me stay :D
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Postby pitbullmamaliz » June 19th, 2008, 1:01 pm

Welcome! *wave*
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Postby TLC » June 19th, 2008, 1:21 pm

Ok you guys are as I thought you would be....AWESOME - CARING - PASSIONATE...I am liking it here :P

About me...I am 32, married, no kids, 2 babies...my yorkies Roxy and TJ :D - They are about 3.5 yrs old now. I thought I had researched at the time, but I guess I didn't do enough and wound up getting them from BYB, possibly even a small puppymill of some sort and they are sick :cry: Besides having luxating patellas, my female has collapse treacha and MVD (tiny little shunts in her liver) - But they have a Mom and Dad that try to everything they can to keep them healthy and to live a long and happy life. My dream one day, hopefully in the near future would be to start a Yorkie Rescue of my own, as I am very, very passionate about the cause.

Here are photos of my babies :)
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Postby cheekymunkee » June 19th, 2008, 1:59 pm

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Postby madremissy » June 19th, 2008, 2:01 pm

Ooooohhh too cute, My daughter-in-law would die. She left her little yorkie with her dad when she left home.
Now you have approved, get to posting in the rescue section. :)
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Postby Jenn » June 19th, 2008, 2:09 pm

:wave2: Hello and welcome!
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Postby TLC » June 19th, 2008, 2:33 pm

YAY!!! Thank you all so much - it truly is so wonderful to be surrounded by animal lovers...

TJ and Roxy are my first, and I must say they have changed my world 360 - I never knew it could feel like this, not only the love I feel in my heart, but in my head too, and it has made me a stronger and educated person, I see the world in a WHOLE other way now, sadly, I now see the abuse and neglect and it makes me so sad and angry, but it has lead me on my path of life and I am glad to be making a difference.

Over on yorkietalk - under my signature I have this:
"You Won't Change the World by Saving One Animal..BUT...You Will Change the World for that One"

I love it! :wave2:
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Postby KJS » June 19th, 2008, 4:27 pm

THAT is a GOOD signature....I wish everyone felt that way...we could achieve a LOT then
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Postby Patch O' Pits » June 19th, 2008, 9:24 pm

Very cute pup! I hope someone can take her in and give her a great home.

Welcome to the forum.
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Postby TLC » June 19th, 2008, 9:50 pm

Patch O' Pits wrote:Very cute pup! I hope someone can take her in and give her a great home.

Welcome to the forum.

Thank you. I tried to reply to the PM but I am not sure it went....

They are in Morris County, New Jersey - Rockaway is the Town :)
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Postby TheRedQueen » June 19th, 2008, 9:56 pm

Hi and welcome! Do stick around...it's a great group! I have four Aussies and one pit mix...lots of breeds on this board!

Hope you can find some help with Lola...
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Postby katiek0417 » June 20th, 2008, 9:58 am

Hi, Welcome to the board! There are so many great resources on here...I hope someone can help!

And, yes, we love all breeds...I've got a lab, a Dutch Shepherd, and several Belgian Malinois! :wave2: :wave2:
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Postby Asta » June 20th, 2008, 12:24 pm

Hello and welcome to PBT Nicole :wave2: Sorry that you are here under such circumstances, but thank you for doing what you can for Lola (who btw is totally adorable!)
Oh your Yorkies are cute too :)

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