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Scammer Looking For Bait Dogs – Will Duncan, "USA Dog Training"


Danielle Reno

Shelter Officer

Humane Society of Atchison

125 North 21st St .

Atchison , KS 66002

(913) 367-DOGS


Recently we received a call from a man claiming to be a dog trainer. His name was Will Duncan. He said that he rehabilitated dogs and trained them for various companies including for the handicapped. He also said he was from USA Dog Training and he personally trained Cesar Milan.

He will tell various different stories, but basically wants to get free dogs. He claims to have federal and state licenses. He recently stole dogs from a Jefferson County shelter. He is from Topeka and claims that he just moved there from California .

If fact, he is a big scammer. Nothing he says is true. He told us he wants aggressive dogs to rehab and med. to large sized high drive dogs.

We got a call from the Kansas Animal Health Department to warn us about him. They were trying to warn everyone before he called, but he had already called us.

We believe he is using these dogs for pit-bait. We believe he is selling these "high-drive" or "aggressive" dogs that he gets from shelters to pit fighters who use them to "train" there dogs to fight and kill. He lives in a trailer in Topeka with his brother. Last time it was checked, he had 14 dogs that he keeps in tiny pens in and around his trailer.

Please do not release any of your dogs to him. If he does call, please call Judy Bishop at 785-633-7002 with any information you obtain about him. They are trying to make a criminal case up but he just keeps staying one step in front of the law.

The personal information I have obtained about him is:

Name: Will Duncan

Address: 1123 NE Jefferson , Trailer #4, Topeka , KS (actual address)

Cell Phone: 785-231-7245

Toll Free Number: 877-949-9DOG

Fake Company Name: USA Dog Training

Thanks and Good Luck

Please forward to other shelters and animal people!
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