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Postby Tahlia&Guage » October 14th, 2006, 9:53 pm

HEYLO! :greenWave:
Now.. I was hoping some of you might be able to give me some advice, or a few links to help me with crate training.

I own a Male Staffy, 8months and he's ust to freedom..
I've never locked him up unless it's in my room while I'm at school and sleeping in my room at night but other then that, he's always free. But, recently Guage decided to rip my bed apart and when I get a new one i don't want him doing the same thing again.

So, I'm going to Crate Train him.. So, he'll be in the crate while I'm at school but he's never even been in one.. I'd really appreciate if some of you where able to give me advice on Crate Training him..

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Postby mnp13 » October 14th, 2006, 10:22 pm

You want to make the crate a very positive place to be. Put a favorite blanket in it, toys, etc. especially at the beginning. I also fed the dogs in the crate as well, it makes them see it as "their space."

There are many different opinions on wire vs plastic crates. Ruby completely destroyed her wire crate but has done very well in her plastic one.

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Postby pitbullmamaliz » October 15th, 2006, 2:58 pm

My main word of advice is to NEVER give in to the screaming/temper tantrums as Gauge is getting accustomed to the crate. If you let him out even once when he's making nose, you just taught him that you're a sucker!
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Postby SisMorphine » October 15th, 2006, 4:36 pm

When you crate train, start off doing it in small incriments: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. When you're home, when you're not home, either. Only open his crate if he is being quiet, if he's throwing a temper tantrum just wait it out at the beginning, as correcting him in the crate if he is not used to it may make him not like the crate even more.

I would also start this during the day only so that way when he's throwing his tantrums no one is sleeping.

Some people say to throw them in for long periods to begin with, personally I think that acclimating the dog with small stints tends to work a bit better, though it may take longer.

As was said above, make the crate fun. I would take his all time FAVORITE treat (hot dogs, dried lamb lung, whatever) and ONLY feed that to him when he is in his crate.
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Postby Tahlia&Guage » October 21st, 2006, 4:53 am

Thanks for the advice! :)
I'm taking it all in!

I've bought him a Large $90 crate.. I'm hoping he doesn't destroy it. I'm scared half to death that he's going to! I'll kill him if he does.. :evil: ...Not really.. But, I'll want to.. It's a Metal Crate.

It looks like this: (Got this from google! So, it's not my cover or dog! lol.)

I will have to leave him in it for 6 hours while I'm at school.. Any advice how I can keep him from destroying it, hopefully.. and so it's not as hot in there? because it wont be outside!.

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Postby iluvk9 » October 21st, 2006, 8:37 am

Good for you in buying a crate! :)

As for it being too hot while he is in there, can you set up a fan that doesn't blow on him, but circulates the air near him?

A few other suggestions would be:

- Keep the crate door open when you are home and he is not locked in it. My dogs now use it as a place to get away from each other and have some quiet time alone.

- Start him off in the crate the first time with YOU getting in the crate and "inviting him in". (I can see the eye rolls from some of the real trainers here, but it worked for all 8 dogs I have crated.) :dance: It seemed to show them that it is on okay place to hang out. And I will admit to being a mush. :wink:

-When you return home from school, don't get all excited and crazy to see him (although it is VERY hard not to!). Go in your room, give him little eye contact and for a minute do something else. Then calmly walk over and open the crate.

-Really plan out exactly how you are going to do all of this, so you can present yourself as calm and a leader.

GOOD LUCK! Let us know! :thumbsup:
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