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Postby bigtwan251975 » September 30th, 2006, 11:31 am

Ok with my wife starting a new job 7-7pm myself i work 830-530p that means my pup 11 weeks is in the crate all day and of course u can guess how is crate looks when i get home so i started puting him in my truck so that when i was on my 15 min breaks and lunch i could take him out so he can use the bathroom so a few of my coworkers were like if the right person see you keepin tht dog in your truck it going to be prob now take i would not leave my pup in a vehicle that 80-90 degrees i live by DC so it 52 right now and during the week it in the 70-75 range
so today i called the humane to soceity to see if i could get in trouble for keepin him in my truck and they would not give me a straight answer but it was more toward yes so he suggest the i use a dog walkin service ok price them and im not going to pay 20 a day for someone to walk my dog thats crazy.
So my question then is this does anyone else have this prob and how are you handling it im open to anything and just to add i leave in a apartment so i just can leave him outside during the day

i was thinkin about the litter box setup i seen a petco does this work

or should i get a baby gate and go this route
and can u have a dog house and paper trained

thks guys :|
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