he hates he will go potty any more

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Postby bigtwan251975 » September 16th, 2006, 11:56 pm

ok ice is now ten weeks old the frist to weeks were nice the crate training worked no mess meanin pee or poo no the one time i was running late to take him out he poo and pee in his crate after that hes been doing it ever since and will not even go out side to go to the bath room he just walks around :| i really dont know whats going on with him :? the other thing i got him walkin up and down the step on the lead cus i live on the 3rd floor but i can for the life of me get him to walk on the leash with out me draging him how can i solve this prob :?: any advice would be helpful

in about 2weeks my hours of work are going to change does any one have any good advice on litter box training ????
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