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Postby cheekymunkee » June 19th, 2007, 9:11 pm

On June 19 2007, 3:11 PM, katiek0417 wrote:
On June 19 2007, 2:58 PM, amazincc wrote:LOVEMYPITTS... I am embarrassed to admit to this, but I have viewed my dog as "the victim" for the past five years!!! Yes, he was horribly abused for the first four months of his life, but that stopped the minute he set foot/paws in my house.
Granted, he has issues that might stem in part from his experiences when he was very young and genetics may play a role as well, but - in reality - I've "encouraged" him to stay that abused puppy by feeling sorry for him and by not wanting to "hurt his feelings".
This is a dog who knows many, many tricks but can't cope w/every-day life, because I put more effort into teaching him how to balance a cookie on his nose than how to behave at the vet.
I am now in the process of undoing years of bad management/training on my part... I am never purposely cruel to my dog, but his inability to cope has a lot to do w/the five-year-long pity party I indulged in, and I can tell you - it was a baaaaad idea - and unintentional cruelty nonetheless.
I've always practiced NILIF to an extent (without knowing that it had a name... :oops: ), so I think that somewhat helped, but I've also recently stepped it up, and I can definitely see results already.
I am a strictly "positive-re-enforcement"-kind of person, and I don't believe that fear is a "valid tool" to teach my dog how to behave, but structure and routine work wonders, since I have a pup who thrives most when he knows what to expect. Mick is very willing to learn... I just have to figure out how to be a more effective teacher.
What worked for my other dogs, doesn't work for him - but that's on me... and has nothing to do w/his past.
I feel for you, and I know how frustrated you must be - but remember that the abuse is over now, and that you and the dogs have the opportunity to start fresh!
I would also encourage you to work w/the dogs one-on-one so you can address each individual issue on a more personal level.
Do very short sessions in the beginning (2-3 minutes) and take your time - it might be weeks before your dogs grasp the concept of a "down-stay", but they will eventually get it.
Hang in there, be patient, be kind (w/the pups and yourself)... and don't take it personal if they don't do what you ask of them right away. Most of all though - remember that they are not "abused" anymore, but got so very lucky when they found a good home and a loving owner... and go from there... :hug3:

:thumbsup: Nice post

I agree! I know you have come along way in just a short amount of time & you should be very proud of yourself! Congrats!
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