Sweet Pit STILL in Urgent Need of a Forever Home- NY/NJ Area

Postby HedyLitke » October 18th, 2006, 3:39 pm

Brandy is a sweet, sweet pit bull who desperately needs a second chance! Right now, she is at a kennel in NY State, but she's a Jersey Girl at heart - Brandy was at the Bergen County Animal Shelter for a year (yes! ONE YEAR!).

Need more info? Or, Cannot go to the kennels?

Please call Maho at 201-460-1464

EMAIL: maho@doggieproject.com

Originally, she came as a stray. She went through a 6-week obedience dog training with one of the volunteers at the shelter where she gained confidence and learned a good deal of rules. Moreover, she went through another obedience training course at the kennels (Colby Kennels in Vails Gate, NY) where she currently resides. This time, she learned how to walk so nicely with a Gentle Leader. Besides, she was the top student in the class! Though she is strong, she doesn't pull when we walk her. She is extremely sweet and affectionate. She just loves to be with humans 24/7. She gets so excited when she sees anyone passing through her kennel and greets every single person. That's why she became everyone's favorite! She has so many guardian angels (staff and volunteers). But, Brandy hasn't had any luck on finding a suitable home.

The ideal home for Brandy should be:

- Home without any other animals (she can be okay with calm, relaxed, friendly dogs: NO CATS!)

- Home without any small children (should be okay w/ girls 10 + yrs). Ideally adult only home (teenagers should be good)

- Person/people who can provide good amount of regular exercise. She likes to walk and run, but, she also likes sitting next to you quietly while you watch TV or read books...

- Dog experienced owners (ideally, pit bull experienced… but it doesn’t really matter).

- Family who don't really care about taking their dog to dog parks/runs.

She is very special for many of us.... and she desperately needs a home NOW. And, we know she deserves it and she will be a very loyal companion for the right people/person.

If anyone is interested in meeting her, come to meet her at Colby Kennels 845-534-8414 / http://www.thecaninesanctuary.com TODAY! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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