Desperate in Washington

Postby Violet » October 15th, 2006, 8:37 pm

And pretty desperate from the sound of things.

the lady who owns the physical therepy clinic where I was going had reported a neglected dog and the humae society, after 3 warnings, was going to remove her from the owner. Unfortunatly, being a Pitbull, there was no good place for her to go. I tried to just give her phone numbers and web sights, but she got the better of me.
After only 1 week her and my German Shepard had some serious words that cost me a few hundred dollars. I nw have to keep them seperate and am juggling dogs without kennels. I have been trying to place her for 6 months. Anyone that seems interested in meeting her has stood me up (I'm sure you guys get alot of that. I have her on a rescue sight in Arlington and on Pitbull project out of Seattle. I used to follow your sight all the time and you seem to get really good responses from people. I really need your help. I am going into my busy season at work and I cannot continue this. Please let me know if you have an alternative foster care for her or at the very least, if you could post her on your sight. I have a couple pics here and more if you want.

Now let me tell you about her:

Her name is Lady. but she is anything but. :) she beltches like a sailor! And she doesn't get enough attention to keep her at a calm level, so she tends to bombard you for love. So small children might not be a good idea. She seems great with dogs that are NOT dominant with proper intros. She was fine with my cats at first, but not anymore. She has fragile nails and does not like them cut, but you have to stay ontop of them or they will split to the quick or more.

Now that her bad habits are aside:
She is a beautiful red bully. She is 3 1/2 years old and in great health. She is spayed as well and has all her shots. She is on her 2nd dose of Advantage for this fall. Ladys favorite thing in the whole world is big squeaky tennis balls. She is a junky for the ball and will bring it back to your feet. If it rolls away she will get it for you. if you ignore the ball she will get in your chair behind you and roll it down the front of you. She is very smart and learns quickly. Anyone that is willing to take the time would be amazed. She walks well with a haltie and pinch collar and settles into the walk before the 1st block is up. (I try to be careful that I have complete control) She is so in tune with the people around her and seems to be quite human at times. She loves to e loved and doesn't like raised voices. Especially if I am yelling at my 14 yo son. She lays on him and looks at me as if she wants to take the punishment for him. (drama) She is about 70 lbs and looks to me to be the perfect weight for her frame. Her tounge is out most of the time and will disperse her kisses in abundance. To be honest, she is one of the most amazing dogs I have ever met. If her and my dog got along I wouls have no choice but to make her a 3rd dog in the family. I will be crying the day she leaves me. I do not and can not put her in a shelter (no kill or other wise) I need to know she is going to be safe and loved by someone who understands the breed. I am willing to drive to Oregon and can courier dogs back to Tacoma if you need that at the time.
Please let me know what you can do to help. I am desperate to place her and try to get my home back under control. i always worry some mistake will be made and the two dogs will clash again.

Thank you for your time.

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