ONTARIO puppy in dire need!!!

Postby Ellena » October 14th, 2006, 12:13 am

Guys, another baby needs out of Ontario and FAST! Please repost and contact Emily at the contact info below. If you know nothing about Ontario and BSL please go to http://www.advocatesfortheunderdog.com/ and http://www.bannedaid.com/ to find out more!


From: <a>Emily Strange</a>
Date: Oct 13, 2006 8:44 PM


This Pup (and owner) are "classic" victims of Ontario's BS-BSL. This dog need OUT, NOW! Travel expenses will be paid. Anyone interested is asked to email me, Emily - emily@advocatesfortheunderdog.com.

Please note AFTU checks references, personal and vet before sending a dog anywhere. We will also need a reference/home check by a legitimate rescue or local SPCA. Seriousl inquiries only but ALL help is appreciated - time is fleeting :(


Oh boy,

Little did we know what would bring us, rescuing a "chocolate lab boxer cross...yeah right" 5 wk old pup off the street. Our most awesome pup Riel is now for sure looking like a red-rednose Pitty with green eyes and now we all know just how sick and twisted our government and society can be. Riel is done his three shots, de-wormed, de-fleaed, sits, walks on a loose leash, and is a very loving and loved 16 week old, stopped on the street in adoration by passerby and is good with kids. Booked for puppy classes next week. PROBLEM: Our sadistic neighbours sicced Animal Control on us in spite and we now have 10 days to get him a new home or go to jail, and it is a really a hard choice actually. Does the fight need someone to do that? I think with backing I would actually go to jail - this legislation and its ilk is just so wrong. But I am forced to think that my pup needs somewhere to be free and play and learn in peace and Ontario is not looking like a good place for him.

Please help us. What do we do?

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