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The other day, I believe it was the 16th, I was walking my dog through a nearby park. I noticed some kids throwing a puppy some food (approx. 4-5 months old). The adults told them to leave the dog alone. The puppy was starving, and followed the kids around, and the adults told the kids to throw things at him to make him go away. So, as I walk up the path, I see this poor puppy getting pelted with rocks, pinecones, etc. It infuriated me, so I went up to the little pup, and he timidly came up to me. I patted him on the head, and he followed me the whole mile home. He's been on my back porch since. I absolutely cannot take in another animal, and my husband is about ready to call the pound. I hate even the idea of it!

He is a pit bull mixed with a shepherd (maybe a malinois??) He is brindle, with a black mask and his ears stand straight up like a shepherd. I've been calling him Banzai because he looks like the hyena from Lion King. He is absolutely adorable, and will make an awsome pet for anyone. He loves children, and warms up to strangers quite quickly, though he will bark at you when you first come up. He's dying for some attention, and whines at my back door to come in. I hate keeping him out there.

If anyone knows of anyone who'd be interested, PLEASE contact me. My email is juniper8204@yahoo.com and my phone number is 910-323-5695. I will be posting this elsewhere, too, to see if I can get a potential owner. My husband says, at most, we can only keep him two more days. Thank you!


P.S. I meant to post this, but forgot. I've contacted the no-kill animal shelters here, and none of them take pit bulls or anything that resembles a pit bull. :x
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