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Postby aurora » January 30th, 2006, 11:20 am

Jiminez, named lovingly after a Army National Guardsman two of the managers met while doing rescue in New Orleans, has lived up to her namesake's glory! A fun loving and outgoing girl, Jiminez is as happy to romp and play as she is to sit around and chew on a rawhide when it's time for some quiet time. She loves all people, but isn't particularly enamored with other female dogs. Male dogs are great companions though. At just 48lbs., she's a good size to live in a smaller place (hello, all you city dwellers). Since she's 6 years old, she doesn't demand the attention and exercise a younger dog would as well.

God did play some cruel joke on poor, old Baby Ruth. With her giant goofy feet, gangly legs, and out of proportioned body, we immediately pegged Baby Ruth as an awkward puppy. Upon closer inspection we found that she was more like 3-4 years old! That's just how this poor beast looks! Baby Ruth makes up for her silly looks with a personality that you just can't beat. When interacting with people, she's a blur of shaking, wagging excitement. There's nothing that beats meeting new people for this girl. Through her temperament evaluation, we learned that Baby Ruth not only gets along with other dogs, but cats as well! There's nothing this dog doesn't like!

Matzah is a pit bull terrier mix, somewhere between 3 and 4 years old. Her striking markings make her a very unique dog, not to mention her coat is like velvet. Matzah is quiet and very respectful of personal space; she doesn’t have a pushy bone in her body. She does well with other dogs and loves to go on leisurely walks with our volunteers of all ages. The poor girl came to us with an injury from her collar being too tight, but it’s healing nicely and she doesn’t seem any worse for the wear. She would do well in a quiet household that would be compatible with her easy going, laid back attitude.

Sleigh Ride is a mere 6 months old and was found running loose in a jumping part of town. It's obvious that he once belonged to someone since he came in wearing a red collar, but we're not so convinced it was the type of home this sweet dog deserved. Relatively shy, Sleigh Ride often cowers and displays hand-shyness, all pointing to a less that peachy past. Despite this however, after you show him what a nice person you are, it's all wags and kisses! A petite pit bull, he's the perfect size to jump up on your lap for a good snuggle. NOTE: Sleigh Ride is in foster care, please call the shelter to arrange a meeting.

Oh, how unfair life is! At only 10 months old, Asteriods has been here at the shelter since November! A high energy, pit mix, we know he's a hard sell, but this guy really deserves a home. He has a few obnoxious habits (you try spending that much time in a shelter and see if you don't develop any) but Asteroids is extremely smart and highly motivated by toys and food. He would be relatively easy to train with a little consistancy. Asteroids loves people of all kinds and is very outgoing and affectionate, though he doesn't love all dog (some dogs are alright though). Even if you can't commit 100% to this lovable goof, maybe you could spare a few hours a week to spend with him or commit to him for a week or two or three as a foster parent to give him a break from the stress of the shelter.

If you can help any of these dogs in any way, please email me at
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You have some good looking dogs, and nice job with their write-ups! Good luck with their placement.
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