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Tannis: Image

This dog is lost since the start of the week. She is from Sophie's dog adoption, was sent to a foster home who lost her. I do not know more about the situation, but I'm posting her picture from petfinder (where she is weirdly NOT posted as lost)... I've seen the poster for her at the SPCA this week, know someone who boarded her. She is a very sweet dog.

So, in case someone sees this, lives in Montreal or any of the two shores, you can contact Sophie at:(514) 523-5052 or by e-mail at sophie@rimasec.net


"My name is Tannis and I am a beautiful 2 year old pitbull female. I am very friendly with kids, other dogs, and cats.

I've had a rough start to life as I spent my time either chained on a deck or in a crate in closet for the first 10 months of my life! I was underweight, and had never walked outside but my mistreatment has not darkened my personality.

I was adopted last year by a young couple, and unfortunately they are having a baby now and decided I was no longer needed or wanted in their life. So I am back for another chance at a real family, one this time who will keep me for the rest of my life."
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