8 Year Old Pit Needs a Loving Home - Jersey City, NJ

Postby HedyLitke » August 23rd, 2006, 11:50 am

Daffodil's owner repaid 8 years of love and devotion by tying her up outside and walking away. While this beautiful pit often wonders why she was abandoned like that, her faith in humanity remains unshakable. If you come over to see her at the Liberty Animal Shelter in Jersey City, NJ, she won't bounce off the walls like some of the young pups here - she is much too mature and sophisticated for that. Daffodil will gently lick your hands and look up at you all dewey eyed, coyly tilting her head so you can see how remarkably dainty, delicate and feminine she is. Her manners remain impeccable outside cages and runs. Other dogs get so excited they act like they are in a weight -pulling contest instead of simply going for a walk but not Daffodil. No matter what, she always remains a lady. UPDATE: More and more dogs are coming in every day. It is getting harder and harder to find places to put them. Daffodil could sense how worried the staff and volunteers were about her and some of the other dogs who have been at the shelter a while. Thank goodness a volunteer has agreed to foster her temporarily. Call the shelter to make a date to meet Daffodil. You might decide she is just the dog you have been searching for!

If you can give this sweet lady a forever home, please contact Nikki at NDawson03@aol.com, or better still, stop by the shelter to meet the many animals available for adoption. The Liberty Animal Shelter is located at 235 Jersey City Boulevard, (Exit 14C off the NJ Turnpike, across from Liberty Science Center parking lot entrance) Jersey City, NJ

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Postby Jenn » August 23rd, 2006, 1:44 pm

She sounds like a doll, hopefully someone will snatch that girl up.
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