Concerned New Yorker Rescues Dogs From Middle East War Zone

Postby Marinepits » August 11th, 2006, 7:07 pm

I just watched this on ABC World News Tonight -- great story. ... 1&WNT=true

Aug. 11, 2006 — During Hurricane Katrina, Linda Nealon braved the streets of New Orleans to rescue household pets. That experience gave her the courage to go to the Middle East to lend a hand at Lebanon's only animal shelter.

"I had been in New Orleans rescuing animals there and saw how stressful it was and how desperate the need was and feel really lucky to be here," she said.

She came to Beirut from New York City, on her own dime, to rescue innocent victims of war.

"They've been through bombing, noise that worries them being on the street," Nealon said.

She can't stand to see animals in harms way and has prepared 150 of these abandoned pooches for adoption (

Animals Doing 'Well'

The animals were traumatized when rescued from the streets where some were sitting by the rubble, waiting for their owners to come home

Two of the dogs, named Thelma and Louise, were found trapped in an apartment one week after their owners were killed. Others have lost their families for more mundane reasons.

One dog belonged to a Saudi family who was in Beirut on vacation when the war broke out. They left, gave the dog to the doorman, and the doorman put him out on the street.

Nealon said the dogs are now "happy" despite their war wounds.

"There are three legged animals, animals without eyes … and they're all doing well," Nealon said.

They have nothing to do with the politics of this war. But they suffer too — a little less, thanks to Linda Nealson's help.

When asked if she ever thought she would end up in a warzone she simply replied: "No."

"And it's a little frightening having bombs crack on all night long," she added. "But it's a pleasure to be here."

(The dog that the Saudi family left with the doorman found a home with the reporter who wrote this story. It was a Belgian Sheepdog.)
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Postby msvette2u » August 11th, 2006, 9:26 pm

We just watched it too, it was great - that Belgian Sheepdog was gorgeous!
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Postby Purple » August 11th, 2006, 9:27 pm

Great story, but sad, too.
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