ARNO Abuse/Neglect?

Postby BigDogBuford » August 3rd, 2006, 9:04 pm

Does anybody know anything about this? This is an e-mail that I forwarded to me......

Subject: ARNO Warehouse


Here is what I saw at the ARNO Warehouse. I found it rather
heartbreaking. I learned that almost all of those animals there have
been at ARNO since the Feline Frenzy which was about 3 months ago. I
don't know how that is acceptable or what I saw there is acceptable.

I think that it is admirable that individuals are trying so hard, but
when you look at the condition for the animals and how long they have
remained there, I have to wonder what is in the best interest for the
animals. And if it is detrimental to the animals, it is personal.

I watched volunteers handle with her bare hands (no gloves) one animal
that was clearly marked that with a ringworm warning on the front of
the cage and then without clensing or
sanitizing, immediately handle another animal. I watched another
volunteer wash the feces and urine from one pen with the dogs in it
straight into another pen with another dog in it. The run-off flowed
right into another pen and remained there. I watched Robin and a few
of the volunteers work frantically to get animals ready for transport
to ARK while Charlotte played with a puppy in the front. I watched
Robert Cameron work on the computers at ARNO even after he was
supposedly on indefinite leave from ARNO after accusations of hacking
into several accounts and defaming several individuals and
organizations with slander and libel. This is also considered a
felony, by the way. I felt the walls of the animal pens and it was
unbearably hot which left me with this unnerving feeling that this was
synonymous with cooking kittens (kittens so young that they still had
blue eyes and were outside subject to this unbearable heat and
humidity). I don't know why the office area and computer room weren't
moved outside so that the animals could be moved inside. Ringworm and
upper respiratory infections can be treated quite easily and it's
better than having animals, especially young kittens, baking in that
heat and humidity.

I feel that no animal rescue organization should hide the conditions
of their animals. I took the pictures in front of Robin and Charlotte
and nothing was said to dissuade me and Robin knew that I was
specifically taking pictures of every animal in there. I sent the
e-mail to a few people and asked if there was anything that could be
done to help the animals. I don't care about the groups. We aren't
involved for our own pride. We are involved for the best interest of
the animals. Morally and conscionably, I can not sit back and remain
quiet. What I saw at ARNO made me sick and heartbroken. That's all
that I could do. If something disturbs you so much about the
conditions of animals, would you not do what you could?

That's all that I will comment on this. I hope to get some attention
to this whether it means that more volunteers and funding will go to
ARNO to make it a better environment for the animals or that the
services will be suspended until it can get to where it needs to be
for the best interest of the animals. I've offered help and listened
to many individuals and animal rescue/welfare organizations who tried
to help and were either ignored, turned down or rudely dismissed and
feel that this is not the way to help create change for the better.
What else is available, but to bring attention to a wider audience in
the best interest of the animals? ... _=46243691

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