Urgent in Tacoma, WA

Postby Violet » August 1st, 2006, 8:08 pm

I got a call today about a male, 18 month old, brown brindle, unaltered pit bull whose owner has gone to jail (3 weeks ago) and left his dog chained in the back yard. A caring neighbor has been feeding him over the fence. She had contacted Animal Control trying to get help but if they come get him.he will be pts because pit bulls are not adopted out from our local shelter. She says he is very friendly but has lived his entire life on the chain in his back yard. I will be going over later to get an idea of his temperament and take pictures. She tried to bring him into her home but has a male dog herself and the two immediately got in a fight. (she says her dog started it)

Can anyone help this guy?
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