Brandi at the East Haven, CT shelter

Postby savagem » July 19th, 2006, 11:47 am

One of my former adopters called me about this girl. I went to the shelter to meet her this past Saturday. She is very sweet, but young and full of energy. The shelter says she has begun to exhibit some mild dog aggression there. Might be the stress of the shelter, or it might be that she is reaching maturity. Probably a combo of both? :| Anyway, she didn't exhibit any dog aggression while I was there--very much wanted to play with the dogs she saw. She is absolutely stunning--her coat reminds me of tiger maple. Very young--probably still under 1 year. She doesn't have long. The shelter is packed and they plan to put her down. She was actually supposed to be put down on Saturday but while I was there a woman came in who was interested in her. Woman never submitted an application though so Brandi's days are numbered.



Here is the Petfinder description of her:

Brandi is a young pup found wandering along a very busy state road in East Haven. She can't be more than a year old. Brandi is a happy, good natured dog who loves to go for walks and loves to play. It's hard to understand why no one is looking for her, no one cares about her.

Brandi's photos don't do her justice. Her coat is the softest reddish blonde with beautiful streaks of black brindling through and through. She appears to have had some training because she walks well on a leash and keeps her indoor kennel clean. Brandi is very much a pup and needs training and a consistent schedule to help her be the perfect little lady. She likes everyone (human) she meets, but is selective about her canine companionship. We would love her to be in an adoptive soon, so she can blossom into a wonderful adult dog.

If you would like more information about Brandi please contact her shelter friend by clicking on the e-mail address to the right of this bio

This is the contact email address:

And other contact info: East Haven Animal Shelter
East Haven, CT
(203) 468-3249

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Postby Sue » July 19th, 2006, 2:26 pm

East Haven is packed... I've never seen it so full before :(
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