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Postby msvette2u » July 3rd, 2006, 9:29 pm

PLEASE CROSSPOST!! For Contact please use Jen

This boy is one of those rescues guys I will Never forget. I have been through the ringer on this one. Spent 30 hours driving one weekend a few months back when we thought we had a home for him in TN, didn't work out. Then found a great home here, but just recently some unexpected things came up for his new mom and she needed to move and we couldn't find anywhere she could afford and have him and rent.
So, he is back looking for a home. My male is getting more and more protective towards other dogs and the hubby says I absollutely Can Not bring this guy home at all...won't even talk about it. We thought we also had another home for him but in the process of checking the guy out found out that not only was he not even who he said he was but he had been posting on a Pit Bull board for months even pics of a dog that as it turns out is not even his! So, we have been on a roller coaster.

This is the sweetest boy! He needs a home Desperatly. Currently he is boarding, I thought is was $17 a day, turns out it's only $14..but between the money even with the wonderful donations we had, he can't handle it there long. This is the first time he has ever been boarded.

Ok, I need help...a foster, a forever, anything for this boy. I am seriously sick to my stomach and have been since I had to put him in boarding because I know how much he loves being with people and does not want to be in a cold concrete run all alone.

A little about him... he is 15 months old, up to date on shots, neutered, 73 lbs, absolutely Beautiful!! Little to no pray drive, though he has learned he Loves playing fetch!! So far no issues with other dogs, he has tried to play with every dog that he has come near. No aggression towards cats AT All...actually he literally Pooped himself when we cat tested him he was scared. A cat ran in a parking lot and I thought for sure he was going, but he just looked at me like his feelings were hurt that the cat ran from him and he went on about his business.

He is crate trained (comes with his crate), house trained, knows sit and shake and knows down but still working on it, is pretty good at come too, but still working on it. He is pretty much still puppy and he learns Fast! Very high energy level but has Never had a yard ever, always lived in an apartment, just needs an active family to love him. He thinks he is a 5 lb lap dog! He is just a big ole mush! If I do't find him a home soon, or at least a foster, I just don't know what to do.

He was originally bought from a "breeder". Last name Hinkle I believe in West Virginia. He is beautiful as you can see.

We are in Myrtle Beach SC, if anyone can help PLEASE!!!! LET ME KNOW ASAP!!! Ihave this guy posted all over the web and on posters around town and even online in the local paper site. Still nothing. I'm dieing here..please, can anyone help this guy?

I know that you all know Chompi's story. You all know how much we love Chompi. But, right now, there is just no way we can keep him at our house. Leo is "all grown up" now and I'm fairly sure he will not tolerate any other male, even a submissive one, on his turf. And we just don't have the space to "shuffle" in our current house.

Things are getting desparate for Chompi and it is killing us. Especially Jenni. So I'd like to make this offer. I am going to finally have some vacation time July the 15th through the 19th and July 24th through the 30th. I know a lot of times the logistics of getting a dog somewhere is the killer for an adoption. I will drive anywhere within 1000 miles of my home during my vacation time to get Chompi to a good foster or forever home.

I know a lot of you have crossposted Chompi's story in other places. Please add this to any postings you have made and check with anyone who was willing but had a problem with the distance to see if this can help make it happen for Chompi.

We are up against the wall and need any help we can get to find a place in this world for a great dog. Thanks in advance for your help and e-mail me or Jenni if you come up with anything.


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Postby Purple » July 3rd, 2006, 9:35 pm

What an incredible offer!
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Postby Purple » July 3rd, 2006, 9:40 pm

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Postby piperstubbys » July 3rd, 2006, 11:12 pm

Thank you Thank you Thank you for crossposting! Seems sometimes I can get in here and sometimes I can't! I was just coming to crosspost since I could get in tonight! But THANK YOU!

This is one of those dogs that will be my in my heart forever. It is killing me that he is in boarding right now!

Anyone looking for a dog to get into a lot of training, sports anything like that this boy would be awesome!!
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