Young cowpatch male in Bmore AC

Postby babyreba » June 26th, 2006, 3:52 pm

Anyone in our region have interest in a bullystyle puppy? Though I keep saying I'm not going to do this to myself anymore, I went to the city shelter and met this little boy, who is what Spazzy would call a "bluff."

He's probably around 6 months old, thick as a brick, low slung, big headed. He has one blue eye and one brown eye, and he's pretty darn striking. Debby at the shelter is in love with him and asked me to give one more shout out for him because she wants him to have a chance at a life. He's probably going to be PTS in a matter of days, if not after today.

He did not show me any troubling signs during eval, but he's a little softer in temperament than most pups I encounter so he should probably be fostered for a while before being offered up for adoption, to get a real feel for what he'll be like once he's come out of his shell. He wanted to lay in Debby's lap and look sad more than he wanted to play, and he did startle to loud noises but he recovered and investigated the "scary object" when it stopped rattling and making noises. He gives licks and kisses and he got very, very, very excited over the tennis ball I threw for him once he figured out that it was a toy. This shelter doesn't allow face-to-face meetings with other animals, but he did greet several of the adult males in their runs with very relaxed posture, low tail, ears back. Probably manageable with other dogs for now.

If you want to help him, please let me know. PM me.

Here's his picture. He's not as big as he looks, I think his head is just dwarfing his body and my cameraphone is making it look worse!


Shelter pic from in the kennel. The proportion is better in this one:

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