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Crossposted with permission by Tammy:

"Dumped Dogs
Posted by Tammy on 6/10/2006, 4:41 pm

Last night while driving down a dirt road. I saw a car stopped ahead dumping off two dogs. One Golden Ret. mix, beautiful red coat and the other a Pit mix full of milk (puppies where abouts unknown, we looked for them).
We waited for one hour for police to show up so that they could take to the pound, then a no show.
We then took them home and thought we would take them to the 'no kill' Cascades Humane Society today, just to find out that the 'no kill' does not refer to anything with Pit in it.
Of course, if they don't want the Pit they don't get the Golden, so I now have two dogs for adoption.
Very nice temperaments on both dogs. These dogs deserve a chance at a good life.
Just a little rant on my part, but these 'no kill' shelters are hypocrites. No they won't put the dog down, they'll send them to someone else to do the dirty work. Make me crazy.
Anyone interested, please email or call me at:

If anyone can help, please get in touch with Tammy.

Thank you,
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