NJ Farm Closing...Numerous animals available

Postby iluvk9 » February 24th, 2010, 6:46 am

This was sent to me by a friend. The list is very long, but lots of animals need new homes. I do not know the circumstances as to why the farm is closing.

Please Cross Post--if you or anyone you know can help, please send this along to them.

A farm located in Williamstown , NJ is shutting down. Birds, horses, miniature horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, dogs/puppies, cats, guinea pigs and chickens are all in need of good homes immediately.

** Sprout - Papered dwarf mini stud, bay w/ white blaze, will be 3yrs this summer, eats minimal feed if any, eats hay but does best on soaked hay cubes **

** Nemo - Dwarf mini horse , dunn 4 yrs old, eats minimal feed if any, soaked hay cubes, prone to colic because so small (has colicked before) **

** Gorilla - Papered dwarf mini stud, chocolate 8 yrs old, has scoleosis of back, bowed front legs, eats soaked hay cubes (has never colicked or been sick) - Leggs friend - have been together from start **

** Leggs - Papered large mini mare, white & tan 6 yrs old, Gorrilla's friend - have been together from start **

** Emily - Small mini mare, red & white pinto 2 yrs old, sweet, humble, so loving follows you everywhere, must stay w/ Hope (sister) **

** Hope - Mini mare, white & dunn pinto 4 yrs old, about to foal a mini mule, her first, must stay w/ Emily (sister) **

** Apache - Larger mini 36" gelding, black & white 15 yrs old, prefers to be dominant, but will back down if someone is tougher. Otherwise great w/ people and other animals, never colicked or sick, does not need to be w/ anyone **

** Promise - Miniature donkey stud, 9 1/2 yrs old, very good boy, no vices, good w/ others **

** Mommy - red & white pinto 21 yrs old (does not act old), 1 blue eye, healthy, no vices **

** Honey - Barbados sheep female, 8 yrs old, wants to follow a human (very humble) **

** Full Size Donkey - male, not good w/ feet being trimmed so they never get done **

** Belgian Horse - no info **

** 2 Newfoundlands used as herd dogs **

** Numerous little dogs, chihuaha, pomeranian, and mixes **
6 pot belly pigs

** 16 goats - The goats are the trendy new breed "Pygorra", pygmy and angora crosses. They look like angoras-all woolly but are small. They were bred to be wool and fiber goats that do not require shearing like sheep. **

** 18 cats **

** Also guinea pigs, birds, chickens, and a beautiful blue/gray angora rabbit that is running loose in the yard and sleeping with a turkey. **

If anyone is interested in helping to provide a loving home for any of these animals please e-mail Kris @ bluebirdacrefarm@... and she will get your info to pass onto the woman who is losing her farm.

If you are able to provide a home to any of these individuals, please contact Kris. ** Serious guardians only. **
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