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Permission to crosspost:

Hi Everyone,

This is a really hard e-mail for me to write, for several reasons; I don't ask for help with my rescues often, but I have no choice at this point. Some of you already know the medical battles I've had the past few months- others, this will be the first time finding out. I was diagnosed with cancer, and after finding out, I tried to downsize, knowing I couldn't handle all the rescues I previously had. Unfortunately, I was not able to get enough out by the time treatments started; some days, I'm barely able to get out of bed, let alone care for the rescues that I currently have. I refuse to send them to a shelter; however, I have to acknowledge that I cannot care for the dogs while I am undergoing treatment. I currently have several Pits in my physical care that need to be moved out immediately to other rescues- I will keep two with me, that I feel I can handle. I realize everyone is still swamped with Pits, including many from Hurricane Katrina, but I'm hoping that several groups could squeeze in just one more dog to help a fellow rescuer out who has hit the absolute bottom.

All of the dogs I have are altered, vaccinated, HW negative/on prevention, etc. Most are dog friendly, a couple are not; and a puppy. I'm sure transport can be arranged to any rescue that is qualified to take my rescues-if I could make a monetary donation to help, I would, but there's no way possible I can do that right now. I will gladly keep the dogs on my website and continue to try and find them suitable homes, to help in that small aspect. Right now, that's the most I can offer.

If ANY of you can take even one of these dogs, or know someone who can, please let me know. Something has to be done over the next week; I have another appointment on Thursday, and after Thursday, I'm just not going to be able to physically care for this many dogs.

Please crosspost- while I hate to inform people of this new medical situation with me this way, people need to understand why I need help so badly with these dogs, and why it's so urgent. This isn't some decision I just wanted to make, or had a choice to make....nor is it something I WANT to do; If I could have prevented this, I would- but unfortunately, we can't prevent medical disasters. My three babies, and my three cats, will remain with me- along with 2 of the rescues here, however, the remaining rescue dogs that I have at my home need to move out to other rescues ASAP- I do NOT want them in shelters where they will be put to death....but don't know what else to do. If you can manage even ONE more dog, please let me know and I can let you know who is here with me so you can figure out who you'd like/be able to take.

Thanks to each of you who have sent kind thoughts, e-mails, cards, and most of all...prayers. Thank you. For those of you who did not know about this prior....I'm sorry- it's been hard for me to accept and handle on my own, let alone, inform everyone about. That, combined with needing to get help to move my rescues out, is why this e-mail was so hard to send.

Amanda Conrad
President, Pit Prints Pit Bull Rescue/Rehabilitation

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