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Postby kera09 » June 1st, 2009, 10:05 pm

Wasnt sure where to post this!

a few days ago my sister in law told me about this story, she traveled to syracuse this afternoon and picked up 1 of the 10 dogs, peanut now named princess fiona! i went to see her this evening and she is the sweetest little thing! she wasnt sure how to walk but within 3 hrs was walking slowly around the yard just wagging her tail. she came over to me and just smelled my face not sure if she should or knew how to give kisses. her white paws are stained yellow from her urine and feces along with her white belly. Her hind legs are burned from the urine, but yet she still wags her tail! Fiona may also be pregnant :confused: i will post pics of her shortly! it will be a long way to recovery but we are positive she will due just fine!

Date: 29 May 2009, 16:40

From: Cathy

From: "BirdyGL@aol.com" ..
Subject: NJ: URGENT SITUATION Re: Tom's River Dog Collector!!!

These pitties have led a horrible existence of neglect and confinement for their entire young lives at the hands of a "breeder". They deserve to live lives full of fresh air, room to run and play, and caring hands. The pitties with URGENT labels listed at http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/allstar.html are the 10 found on the premises that are in dire need of rescue!!!

Contact Bonnie at allstarpetrescue@ yahoo.com if you can help, and please crosspost to help save these dogs before it's too late!

This is in New Jersey but we can use help from anyplace!

PLEASE CROSSPOST!!! !!!!!!!!! !!

This is a horrible neglect situation and I am reaching out to the entire rescue community asking for help.

I was contacted by an SPCA officer who asked if I could get involved with this case.

Someone in Toms River was breeding Pits supposedly as "show dogs" and is now way over his head.

I went down yesterday (May 24) to get pictures and the conditions I saw were absolutely horrid.

There are 10 dogs in dire need of assistance.

They are all being kept in plastic Vari Kennels in an un-air conditioned garage with no air circulation.

The stench emanating from that room everytime he opened the door to take a dog out was nauseating. The dogs are filthy and covered in burns from sitting in their own urine and feces.

The guy had an excuse for everythng I asked.
Why hadn't they been bathed? The outside water doesn't work
Don't you have a bathtub in the house? It runs too slow
Why are they sitting in their urine? The ACO makes me provide water at all times and they don't get out enough (the fact is, they don't get out at all).

And on and on. He was proud of the fact that the dogs all came from a specific line which is supposedly the most expensive Pit line.

When I told him that means nothing to me he said it means that his female is worth $5000 and his male $3500. I answered by saying, "yet you have their offspring wallowing in their own piss and crap"! Not a lot going on upstairs.

The dogs will all be 3 years old in September. They are all timid and shy but showed no aggression. I didn't do any temperament testing because to be honest the pix took me hours and I just wanted to leave at that point. It was that sickening.

Supposedly only one of the dogs is dog aggressive but I didn't test for that.

None are spayed or neutered.

I believe he was forced to update their shots.

It was really pathetic watching them come out one by one and crouch to the ground because they aren't used to being out in the sun. Some couldn't even straighten up for a bit because they are obviously being kept in crates that are way too small for them.

All of them dove for the water bowl set outside and drank copious amounts leading me to believe that he is not providing water as he was ordered to do. His excuse for this one: "it's warm inside and I didn't turn on the air conditioner yet" (there is no evidence of an air conditioner for that room).

They are all under socialized but not one shown any aggression towards us. They were nervous about taking treats from us but most responded with a little coaxing and a gentle touch. Honestly it was difficult to even touch them - that's how dirty they are but they did react well after awhile and I think with a little TLC and lots of love they will all come around and be great companions.

The SPCA asked us to find places for them because if they are seized they will just be euthanized. They are all big dogs (looking to range between 65 - 80 pounds) and not very used to people. None are comfortable on a leash. As you can imagine, time is of the essence. We already have an offer to take in one and there is a possibility of a place for a second. These guys did nothing to deserve this - only being born to an owner who is an idiot. You can see their pix on our web site: www.allstar. petfinder. com. They are all the bios with URGENT next to their names. I am not overstating the grimness of this situation. I only have a short time to do something for these guys and gals and I am hoping that the rescue community can come together and lend a hand. PLEASE CROSSPOST - time is of the essence!

Donna B
All Star Pet Rescue
Linden, NJ
www.allstar. petfinder. com
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Postby mnp13 » June 1st, 2009, 10:11 pm

are there still dogs that need to be pulled?

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Postby kera09 » June 1st, 2009, 10:19 pm

there might be....get ahold of the lady. all together i believe there were 20. i dont know the specifics,sorry :(

but heres a pic of little fiona,as soon as she got out of the crate
http://s121.photobucket.com/albums/o211 ... 111111.jpg
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Postby kera09 » June 1st, 2009, 10:22 pm

http://search.petfinder.com/shelterSear ... &preview=1

looks like there are more that need homes
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Postby kera09 » June 2nd, 2009, 4:48 pm

I just heard they will be taking the rest of the dogs from this scum bag. which means 10 more dogs will be in need of fosters/homes. on the website there are 3 more that still need home from the original 10! if you can help please please contact the lady, if you go to the petfinder site there is a phone number to reach her!!! if i owned my own home i would gladly take one, but our landlord would freak!
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