Pit Puppy & Dachshund mix need fosters/homes

Postby Pit Chick » May 13th, 2009, 1:48 pm

So these pups were running loose in the parking lot outside of the animal clinic I work at and customers were getting upset so the office manager and myself grabbed some leashes and got these two. Of course they couldn't stay at the clinic, God forbid we spare the space. :rolleyes2: At the last minute a foster stepped up for the Dachshund, but that of course isn't working out because she's chewing on things. We loaned them a crate, but they refuse to use it because "it's cruel". again :rolleyes2:

They're both female. The Pit pup is around 6 months old and the Dachshund is between 6 months to a year. Both female. Both sweet natured.

She's actually smaller than she looks. Around 20lbs


She's crouching so her front legs look shorter than they are. She's closer to the size of a standard Dachshund.

We really need a foster home at the moment, but forever homes would be even better. All vet work will be done before being sent to an adoptive home. If going to a foster that works with a group, the group can do the work since they will get the adoption fee.

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