APBT in FL Needs a Home!!

Postby furever_pit » March 21st, 2009, 12:35 pm

Rascal is a 5 (maybe 6) year old, black and white pit bull. He is a wonderful dog! Good energy and wants to please and is good with puppies and some other adult dogs. He was neutered a few weeks ago. Rascal lacks some control since his owner has never provided any training. Could be a nice WP prospect -- he has used Dylan's harness on a few occasions and I think that with time and effort he could do well.

Right now, Rascal lives with a coworker who is moving out of her house this weekend and cannot take both of her dogs to the new place she is moving in to. She really just wants to make sure that Rascal goes to a good home. She is talking about giving the dog back to her ex which really upsets me since he beat the dog and now lives in a house where dog fights are, quite frankly, commonplace.

If anyone is interested in this dog PLEASE let me know.
I will drive Rascal to meet people or bring him to you.
If there are any rescue groups in FL that you know of I will gladly look into those as well.

Thanks for all your help!!

ETA: I will update with pics ASAP.
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