Aussie/Pitbull Mix

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From an Aussie list I'm on. Please contact Kimberly if interested.

<<I recently started fostering a deaf/visually impaired white
Aussie/pitbull mix. His name is Dallas and he is a neutered male,
originally from Virginia, about 2 years old. Recently recovered from
heartworm. People and dog friendly. Crate trained and housebroken.
Walks pretty well on a leash. He is an active dog and would need a
home that can handle his energy level. Very sweet dog. Fairly quiet
and has decent manners, but will require some obedience training. He
is learning American Sign Language. Dallas is in New York.

I have pictures I can e-mail, if anyone is interested. If interested
in adopting Dallas, please e-mail!

Thank you!

Mochaccino (hearing/sighted shepherd/chow mix)
Dakota (deaf/blind double merle/white Aussie)
Dallas (deaf/visually impaired white Aussie/pitbull mix)>>
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