Lil stray puppy in Sacramento

Postby adoptanapbt » July 25th, 2008, 1:41 am

A couple in Pogo's training class found an 8-10wk old black/seal female pit bull pup a week ago and so far have not found an owner looking for her. She is very bully looking and has an underbite. Adorable and feisty, she is fussy about having her mouth/head/feet handled, but the couple fostering are working on teaching her manners and she is attending class with her foster sister. This girl also seemed a little rude in her manners with other dogs in the hour and a half I observed her (but I also spend as little time as possible around puppies that young :mrgreen: ), so she would probably do best with an easygoing adult male dog. The foster home has kids, too, so she's getting some nice socialization. She is also getting crate trained. They cannot keep the puppy, so she will be looking for a home as soon as her vaccines/spay are done.
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