Calico kitty less than 1 yaer old looking for a nice home

Postby Remington » July 16th, 2008, 1:07 pm

K, if no cats allowed here- mods please delete:)
My friend just called me to help her look for a home for a cat. The barn where her horse is at, had a calico teenage cat lurking at night, and today they saw it acting strange. They walked over to it, and it was tangled in weed wacking tape and couldn't move. They freed it, and it's fine. The barn usually "disposes" of any cats, (that's how I got my Tavi), and the owner said she will "take care of it later". My friend said she will take it, and find it a new home, however she can't keep it, as her landlord said she's reached her limit! My friend says she THINKS it may be a boy, although normally, calicos are girls. I can give anyone her info to discuss things if they are interested. We are just trying to find a nice home, away from the horse barn:) Thanks! :wave2:
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