Brindle and White girl in local kill shelter!!!

Postby juniper8204 » February 24th, 2008, 10:23 am

I don't really know the story on this dog, but she looks very sad. The ad says she's shy. I foster dogs a lot, but honestly I don't know if I have the room for her at the moment. My vet is always telling me, "Ya can't save 'em all, Jen!" But I feel so guilty when I can't save them all.

The last brindle girl that went in that place got put to sleep because everyone was looking for a "blue" or a "rednose"...not a "regular old brindle." I'm afraid it's going to happen this time, too.

If you know of anyone in the area who can help, please call Animal Control; the number is listed on the ad.
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