VA-- Staffie Needs A Home---Transport Available- LOVES CATS

Postby HedyLitke » March 31st, 2006, 11:35 am

Contact Rosanne for more information -
Gwen is in Virginia, but she can easily be brought anywhere. We just found out that she also loves cats.........she's living in a foster home with 11 of them. Supposedly the foster mom has just taken ill and can't walk a dog, so unfortunately Gwen may go back to a shelter. It's so important that we save her soon. THANKS SO MUCH FOR INQUIRING!!!

Hey ya'll. I have another American Staffordshire Terrier in desperate need of a home. A fellow rescuer, Kathleen, (the lady who saved my Vito) pulled Gwen (I have called her Guess) from a kill shelter in Virginia. She pulls dogs from shelters that she thinks are "special". I trust her judgment 500% because she traveled all over to save Vito because she knew he was one of a kind.......AND HE'S MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME.......for those of you that have met know why.

Gwen's pictures are attached. She's very tiny except for her big, pit bull cheeks. She looks larger in the pictures than she really is but the fourth picture show how small she is.......only 35-40 pounds. She is probably underdeveloped because of poor nutrition and lack of exercise, like Vito was, but now he's gorgeous and sexy.

Kathleen, Vito and Gwen's rescuer, has completely tempermant tested Gwen many times. SHE HAS NO AGRESSION WHATSOEVER, SHE LOVES OTHER DOGS, IS FULLY VACCINATED AND SPAYED. She has kind, soulful eyes and would make someone very happy.

If anyone you know can give her a chance, please get in touch with me ASAP. Please PASS HER PICTURES AROUND TO EVERYONE YOU CAN THINK OF THANK YOU!!!!!!

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