Humane Society Over-Run With Pit Bulls

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80 Percent Of Cages Taken By Pit Bulls

HARRISBURG, Pa -- The Harrisburg Humane Society is filling up fast with a breed of dog that most people know for its bad temper. Last year, the shelter took in more than 460 pit bulls, most of which were brought in by humane officers and local police.

“A lot of people don't know what they are getting themselves into because they are a very active breed, they do require a lot of attention and training,” said William Sandstrom, Chief police officer for the Humane Society.

But what concerns the shelter most are the scars some of the dogs still show from being bred for dog fighting.

“Primarily what we're really concerned about is backyard breeding, selling pit bulls for illicit type of behavior, which is dog fighting,” said Kim Moreland, executive director of the Humane Society.

The Harrisburg Humane Society is full of pit bulls that are still waiting to be adopted. About 80 percent of the cages are taken up by pit bulls.

Moreland said, “Nobody wants to adopt them for the fear of what a pit bull might do so they sit on our floor for a long time.”

Staff at the Humane Society said that while fighting dogs are trained to only take their aggression out on other dogs, there is always the possibility they could turn on their owner. That’s why the society performs a temperament test on each dog before they become eligible for adoption. Sandstrom said contrary to what most people think, the majority of pit bulls are actually very friendly, loyal, and eager to please their owners.

“They are a great family pet, they are loyal and their drive to please is astounding.” said Sandstrom.

For more information on the Harrisburg Humane Society click:
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