Lily and Wishbone need a foster Redmond OR

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This is just a crosspost for a friend
This is Lily and she is looking for a great home.
We were a bit worried about Lily after an outing a few weeks ago but after several more behavior tests we found that she is not aggressive with people at all,.. however she will lunge and show aggression towards dogs while on a leash. She does just fine with the 6 we have at the rescue.
Vet checked,.. current on vaccinations,.. cute and cuddly and loves attention. Lots of energy! She is about one. Was very emmaciated upon her arrival here but is picking up weight. We require that Lily be enrolled in a beginner obiedience class.
Today Wishbone,.. the white pit mix puppy we had received last week visciously attacked one of our Fab four. Galahad, one of the more quiet laid back puppies just wanted to get away and hide and was attacked over and over by wishbone all across the yard. My oldest son was forced to knock them apart with his foot and this did not deter wishbone at all. After several attempts he grabbed the pup with his hand and was bitten by wishbone. I do not know any more details as i was at work and only my son and mother were here,.. but both are very shaken up saying it was like watching a pit fight, just with 9 week old puppies. Galahad playing the part of the bait dog.
We knew that wishbone had an uncertain past, and was raised by a possible collector but he had not shown any real aggression aside from dominant puppy behavior.
If no alternatives can be found,..or if i find out wishbone knew he was bitting my son and it was not just an accidental occurance from my son sticking his hand between fighting puppies then the pup will have to be PTS
We hate doing this and will agree to a shelter transfer into a shelter that has more knowledge and foster home oppurtunities then we have here, but we will not be able to hold the puppy to long without outside intrest. We need to think about the well being of our other puppies and dogs as well as the well being of our children in this matter, ..
If anyone can help, please contact Silva at
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