CDSP Sanctioned Obedience Trial - Dec. 30, 2006


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Companion Dog Sports Program
Sanctioned Obedience Trials
Novice, Open, Utility Classes

Dec. 30, 2006
St. Hubert’s Dog Training School
22 Prospect St.
Madison NJ 07940
Open to all dogs of any breed
(including mixed!!)

Limited Entry
Entries close 12 noon December 1, 2006 or when full

*This is a titling event under Companion Dog Sports Program Competition Obedience Rules and Regulations.
For more information go to

Contact Information
Linda Sperco, c/o St. Hubert’s DTS
22 Prospect St., Madison NJ 07940
973-377-0116 x 250 or

Entries and Closing Date
Entry fee: $20 per dog/entry

(St. Hubert’s DSC members $18 per dog second entry)

Entry limit: 50 dogs total combined all classes each trial

Entries must be sent to:
Francine LaMarr Trial Secretary
C/o St. Hubert’s DTS
22 Prospect St., Madison NJ 07940

Entries must be received by noon, Dec. 1, 2006. Entries submitted via Federal Express or Express Mail will be accepted only if the signature waiver is signed. No telephone, e-mail, or fax entries will be accepted. Checks must be payable to St. Hubert’s CDSP. Confirmations will be sent via email approximately one week prior to trial date

Kim Wilson
Nancy Hufnail
Stacey LaForge

CDSP Representatives
Rita Kunzle, Moira Clarkin, Linda Sperco

Qualifying ribbons will be awarded to each dog/owner team who achieves a score of 170 or better. Placement rosettes will be awarded to the top 4 high scoring teams in each class.

General Information
Entries will not be accepted without a CDSP registration number. To obtain a registration number, please download the form from our website and mail to the CDSP Coordinator. Do not include with trial entry.

This is an indoor trial with ample crating space. However, there will be no crating ringside. All crating will be in Ring #2.

Breakfast and lunch will be available on-site.

A weather information hot-line number will be enclosed with your confirmation. Please save it and refer to it in the event of inclement weather.

There will be no refunds for absent entries. Refunds will be made for withdrawn entries only if request is made prior to closing date and can be filled by the waiting list. Refunds will be made if the trials must be cancelled by the host organization due to severe weather. Refunds will be made for bitches in season if request is accompanied by a note from the exhibitor’s veterinarian

Please make checks payable to St. Hubert’s.

All proceeds benefit St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center programs

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Can you tell us a little more about the titles from this organization? Please post them in the Training section.

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