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Community has 'nothing to fear' from Staffordshires, says pet owner

THE owner of two Staffordshire bull terriers wants to reassure people that they have 'nothing to fear' from the popular breed.

Elaine Byrne believes Staffordshires are being targeted because they have similar features to dogs referred to as pit bull terriers.

The nation was stunned when a toddler in England was killed by a pit bull terrier over Christmas.

Elaine, from Twechar, has had 12-year-old Samson and three-year-old Star since they were pups.

She said: "Samson and Star are brilliant family dogs and great with children. My three-year-old nephew loves them."
According to Elaine, many Staffordshire bull terriers have been handed in to dog homes recently because owners are frightened they will attack.

She said dog owners should be responsible and not encourage their pets to be aggressive.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), agreed.

He said: "Unfortunately, Staffordshire bull terriers are being tarred with the same brush as a pit bulls, because they look similar.

"We actually call them the 'nanny' dog, because they are so good with children.

"Any dog has the potential to be aggressive and hurt someone - it's about how they are brought up and cared for.

"If a dog is treated badly by its owner, it will become aggressive. Anyone who sees this kind of behaviour should report it." ... ID=1987638
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