Breeder challenges anti-ownership efforts (Greenville, KY)

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Breeder challenges anti-ownership efforts
By Terri Ferguson / terriferguson@...

GREENVILLE - A Kentucky woman whose Afghan hounds are competing this weekend in the American Kennel Club dog show at the Washington County Convention Center is an outspoken opponent of plans by animal rights activists to take away pet owners' property rights.

She carries political and social messages with her, or the messages carry her.

Lynda Farley, a dog breeder from Edmonton, Ky., traveled to the dog show in a minivan plastered with colorful political protest slogans, Bible verses and government-should-stay-out-of-our-business messages.

Among the causes important to her is anti-breeding legislation being proposed by animal rights activists, which she says would limit the rights of pet owners.

“This is one of the breeds that if they keep it up with the anti-breeder legislation might become extinct. They only registered 673 for the whole year of 2005,â€
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