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In the dark face of anti-animal laws, pet owners are deciding to

SHINING STARS in the War on Anti-Pet Laws

January 15, 2007 - With over 65 million households in the United
States having pets and a $30 billion dollar pet industry, Americans
obviously love their animals. Yet, lurking in the background are
people who are working diligently with the city, state and national
governments to take away our right to own and breed our pets. How
can this be?

Anti-pet laws are sweeping the country in the form of Breed Specific
Legislation, Mandatory Spay/Neuter Legislation, etc. These laws
undermine the very core of what it means to be a free American
citizen, with accompanying rights under the Constitution of the
United States. Why are we allowing this?

BRIGHT SHINING STARS in the form of pet owners, breeders, and
concerned citizens are standing up and taking the action needed to
stem the tide of these anti-American laws. KIM BLOOMER, host of the
online radio show ANIMAL TALK NATURALLY, is just one of the many pet
owners willing to fight for her pets and the right to continue to
own them. "I'm not really a politically-minded person -- but in
light of what is happening in my country as regards my pets, I have
to stand up and take action to be a part of the solution," commented

"I'm an average, responsible pet owner who loves her dog. I don't
want my city to be the owner and decision maker for my dog. That is
not constitutional. I want to make it easy for pet owners to take
action, be brave, use the freedom they have been given and speak up
about anti-pet legislation. To do that, I have created a web page
that is loaded with resources, letters, links and other information
to help pet owners do what is needed to protect their rights to the
pets they love."

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION for all pet owners in the USA who want to
retain their right to own as many animals as they can provide for.
THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION for all pet owners in the USA who want to
make their own decisions for their animals (rather than submitting
to unconstitutional mandatory laws). THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION for
all pet owners in the USA who simply want to continue to love and
have the companionship of their animals. Anti-pet laws are
proposing to take these rights away.

Animals don't care about laws. They don't even know what they are.
All animals want to do is love us. In the name of protecting our
pets, we must STOP these new laws dead in their anti-animal
tracks! There are 65 million households out there full of STARS.
It's time for each and every one of them to "come out" -- and SHINE!

To find out more about the laws and how you can take action, go to:

The Animal Talk Naturally website has form letters people can use to
contact politicians at every level and to contact pet product
manufacturers as well. You can find them at:

Kim Bloomer
Phone: 505.217.1815
Email: Kim@...
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