VA Mandatory Sterilization Bill Tabled

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American Kennel Club News Article
VA Mandatory Sterilization Bill Tabled

Date of Article: January 18, 2007

Virginia House Bill 1853 was tabled yesterday by the House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee. This effectively ends consideration of the bill for the 2007 Virginia legislative session. HB 1853, introduced by Delegate Robert J. Wittman, would have required mandatory sterilization of dogs and cats purchased from a dealer or adopted from a releasing agency.

The bill provided exemptions for "fancier breeders," "breed improvers," and "hobby breeders," but the definitions of these three terms were inadequate to protect the right to own and breed dogs responsibly without undue governmental interference. The AKC Canine Legislation Department thanks all concerned fanciers who contacted their legislators with their concerns regarding HB 1853.

We will continue to monitor the remainder of the Virginia legislative session for the introduction of similar legislation. Breeders, fanciers and concerned dog owners are encouraged to monitor their own state legislatures and local governments for the introduction of similar legislation.


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