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Postby cheekymunkee » January 19th, 2007, 11:26 am

It has been revealed that Home Secretary John Reid is considering a national dangerous-dog amnesty - similar to the controversial scheme operating in Merseyside. The Home Secretary is treating the potential amnesty as a matter of urgency, meaning many more dogs fitting the bill of "Pit Bull type" could be destroyed in the near future.

A Home Office official said: "The Secretary of State is fully aware that this is an important and urgent issue. Consultations are continuing with other departments and agencies."

Many regional newspapers are campaigning for the government to "toughen up" current dangerous dog legislation, without realising the criminals involved who do own so called dangerous breeds will be immune from prosecution should the proposals get the green light from Whitehall.

Some members of the print press are also campaigning for new breeds to be added to the list of dogs currently considered dangerous, neglecting to keep in mind that the four dogs currently banned in the UK are banned because of their association with dog fighting not because they pose a greater threat to the public at large.

http://www.k9magazine.com/viewarticle.p ... d=0&npage=
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