Berks County Officials Concerned About Dangerous Dogs (Penns

Pits in the news and info on Breed Specific Legislation.

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Berks County Officials Concerned About Dangerous Dogs
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The Humane Society of Berks County says pit bull breeding is on the rise in Reading. They also say the only two dog bites they've attended to this year involved pit bulls. Is it a coincidence, or the start of something more? WFMZ's Joel D. Smith reports.

Nat sound Watch your hand.

Reporter Last Friday, this pit bull bit a man and ran into his house. It had to be tranquilized, taken to the Humane Society, and later put down to be tested for rabies. The pit bull was a stray. >>

Nat sound barking >>

Reporter Right now more than half of the strays at the Humane Society are also pit bulls. >>

Joni Levigna I think they're very overpopulated, unfortunately, and I hate being breed specific. But with the pit bulls, we have seen a lot of breeding going on with these dogs since the ordinance died down in 2002 . >>

Reporter: Through tough requirements, that ordinance kept the number of pit bulls down. It can only be brought back though if there are at least 40 bites this year in Reading, and 40 percent of those bites come from pit bulls. >>

Joel D. Smith But you can't generalize everything about a breed either. These are all pit bulls, but this one, if you give her a chance to get loud, she will. While this one would rather say hi in a different way. >>

Karl Minor: They're very obedient, one of their other propensities is to be very attentive to human beings, and people like that. They're fun and when they're properly trained, they're great pets. >>

Reporter: But then there's the ones who are not properly trained. >>

Karl Minor: They often are popular with people who are not interested in having a good pet, but having a muscle breed that scares people. >>

Joni: We had an elderly lady attacked two weeks ago too. She was in her own yard. And the dog jumped over the fence right after her, and she went to the hospital. >>

Reporter: Everyone here admits the majority of pit bulls are safe. But every time they go out to another pit bull bite, makes them one step closer to officially being labeled an aggressive dog again.

In Reading, Joel D. Smith, 69 News Berks Edition.
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