ASPCA Supports Selling Shelter Animals At Pet Stores

Pits in the news and info on Breed Specific Legislation.

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Position Statement on Selling Shelter Animals to Pet Shops
In their search for new programs to further their mission to reduce the number of homeless pets in their communities, animal shelters have begun to transfer pets among themselves in order to facilitate their placement into new homes. Indeed, transfers within and between geographic regions are now common and successful. At the same time, some pet supply businesses have welcomed local animal sheltering groups into their stores to showcase dogs, cats and other companion animals in need of homes. A key to the success of both of these programs has been the adherence by all parties to basic principles that protect the welfare of the individual animals and to practices that support continued reductions in the number of homeless pets. Given this history, it’s not surprising that some nonprofit animal shelters would explore the direct “transferâ€Â
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