Ashland council dodges proposed dog law (Oregon)

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Ashland council dodges proposed dog law
The members voted instead to adapt a California law that addresses tethering
for the Mail Tribune

After vehement testimony on both sides, the Ashland City Council Tuesday night sidestepped a strict anti-cruelty to animals proposal and voted to consider localizing a California law that bans tethering of dogs, except while camping, or on a running line or while walking with owners.

The proposal's champion, Barbara Rosen, showed slides of maimed animals and scored pet owners who use crates, short tethers and chains to tether animals for long periods, often on muddy ground.
"We treat murderers on death row better than that," Rosen said.

Half the witnesses — and most of the opponents — were from outside Ashland and their criticisms centered around its unenforceability, cost and the invasion into the privacy of mostly well-meaning pet owners. "It's intrusive, not based on reality and it comes from people who need to impose their personal values on good owners," said Patrick Marcus. "It will not stop the cruelty but will impose burdens on owners. It's one of the most restrictive proposals in the nation."

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