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Pits in the news and info on Breed Specific Legislation.

Postby Ellena » November 7th, 2006, 2:26 am


As many of you know (and some may not), California now allows counties to target breeds of dogs. For decades, California was a leader and had a state law that said no county could engage in breed profiling. The leaders of our state believed discrimination was WRONG and that laws should hold target irresponsible OWNERS, not entire breeds of dogs.

Last summer, all that changed. A bill was introduced by now-defeated soon-to-be former senator Jackie Speier. That bill was SB 861. SB 861 changed CA law. Governor Schwarzenneger signed that bill in October. It went into effect January of 2006.

SB 861 allows counties to target breeds of dogs. SB 861 is a roadmap for breed extermination. Sonoma shelter was euthanizing all Pit Bulls under two years of age that came into their shelter (before CHAKO intervened and put a stop to that). San Francisco implemented a law targeting Pit Bull owners. In San Francisco, a disabled student who lives with her sick grandmother in an apartment was EVICTED after San Francisco implemented its law. She was EVICTED because she owns a service dog that's the "wrong" breed, according to San Francisco law.

Please click the links below. Print them out. Take them to the polls with you.

Vote against those who said YES to SB 861. Get them out of office. Send them and all other legislators a message.

Discrimination is WRONG. Breed Profiling is WRONG. Those who support it are WRONG.

List of California Senators (and others) and how they voted on SB 861:

California Assemblymembers and how they voted on SB 861:

So what should your sample ballot look like?

Here's your CA Sample Ballot all done for you LOL:
(for dog issues ONLY)

Governor: Phil Angelides (or if you must, anyone OTHER than Arnold)

Lt. Governor:
Tom McClintock

Secretary of State:
Debra Bowen

Attorney General:
Chuck Poochigian

Assembly District 5
Roger Niello (Rottie owner)

For YOLO: Vote against Lois Wolk
(for others, see SB 861 voting history at
List of California Senators (and others) and how they voted on SB 861:

California Assemblymembers and how they voted on SB 861:

The rest is up to you!
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Postby Kingsgurl » November 7th, 2006, 10:54 pm

Voted, right down the list. Thankfully, I remembered the names, because my dog ate my sample ballot. :wink:
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