Pit bull backers rally for the breed

Pits in the news and info on Breed Specific Legislation.

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October 29, 2006

Pit bull backers rally for the breed


About 15 people marched through downtown Colorado Springs on Saturday morning, hoping to put a kinder face on a breed of dog many people find scary.

The Colorado Luv-a-Bully March was a short, low-key affair meant to educate people that pit bulls are not inherently vicious animals and should not be banned.

The march, duplicated in five other cities across the country, occurred in a city that has not banned pit bulls but has felt the effects of bans elsewhere in the state.

Last year, Denver reinstated a pit bull ban, and Aurora followed with its own ban Feb. 1. Nine other Colorado cities, including Castle

Rock and Commerce City, either have pit bull bans or tough restrictions.

After the state’s largest and thirdlargest cities banned the breed, the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region reported taking in more than 400 pit bulls since late February, as owners in those cities gave up their dogs.

March organizer Traci Green, the owner of two pit bulls, said such bans are nothing new. Over the past three decades, various other breeds, including rottweilers and Doberman pinschers, were banned in cities across the country.

She said such bans are based on media-hyped dogbite incidents that are often the result of irresponsible or abusive dog owners. The bans, she said, either force responsible pit bull owners to give up their dogs, try to hide them or move elsewhere.

“We’re trying to raise awareness so it doesn’t happen here, with us having to make the hard choice of staying or going,â€
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