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Postby Fear_the_Sheeple » October 12th, 2006, 6:56 pm

Englewood City Council is discussing a possible breed ban (Colorado)

This is in Colorado.

Contacts: council@englewoodgo v.org (most have the same email address)

Mayor: Olga Wolosyn 303-788-1831 (council@englewoodgo v.org)
Mayor Pro Tem: Jim Woodward 303-781-5495 (jwoodward@englewood gov.org)
Council District 3: Laurett Barrentine 303-806-8097
(lbarrentine@ englewoodgov. org)
City Council Member at Large: Bob McCaslin 303-798-5326
(council@englewoodgo v.org)
Council District 2: John Moore 303-762-1059 (council@englewoodgo v.org)
Council District 4: Wayne Oakley 303-761-1964 (council@englewoodgo v.org)
Council Distrit 1: Ray Tomasso 303-789-0282 (council@englewoodgo v.org)

email distribution list:
council@englewoodgo v.org;jwoodward@englewood gov.org;lbarrentine@ englewoodgov. org

phone: 303-762-2310

From a friend of mine. If you live in or near Englewood, please plan to
attend the next meeting. If you are unable to attend, please call or send
email voicing your opposition to breed bans.

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Last night I attended the Study Session of the Englewood City Council. They
are in the early stages of discussing revisions to their dog ordinances with
respect to Dangerous Dogs and Pit Bulls. While the current regulations are
probably inadequate concerning "dangerous dogs", I very much hope they do
not include any
breed specific ordinances. My impression is that Council is floundering on
this issue, and their view of Pit Bulls is based primarily on the spate of
media reports and phone calls from citizens equally frightened by those
reports. I would urge anyone willing to present the facts in a
non-confrontational manner to the Englewood City Council to attend the next
meeting. Scheduled speakers who sign up in advance are allotted 10 minutes,
unscheduled speakers who sign up the night of the meeting get 5 minutes. The
next meeting is Monday, October 16 at 7:30 pm in the Englewood Civic Center,
2nd Floor Council Chambers, 1000
Englewood Parkway. Information about the Council meetings can be viewed at
http://www.ci. englewood. co.us/Index. aspx?page= 455

Cindy Scott
Englewood, CO

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