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Pits in the news and info on Breed Specific Legislation.

Postby Jessie's_mom » August 13th, 2006, 2:02 pm

From The Free Lance Star (a local Spotsylvania, Va paper):

Kansas City, Mo.-Prosecutors are accusing a man of releasing pit bulls because he wanted "to see what kind of trouble he could cause." Three people were attacked.
Bryan P. Smith, 34, of Independence, faces assault charges in the May 4 attacks.The owner of the dogs faces municipal charges.
Smith denies the charges and said the dogs escaped accidentaly.
The woman who owned the home where the dogs were kept told police she ran into Smith at the house and that he was laughing, saying he had just released the dogs to "cause some excitement." -The Associated Press

People have issues. And I'm not sure why the paper decided to put this in now, and I can't find this article on their website or anything related in the assiciated press website...but I thought I'd share it anyway. (the local area for this newspaper has toyed with the idea of BSL to the point where the local shelter won't even adopt out pits...of any age...all are given to rescues or are pts...all due to the fatal attack of an elderly lady about 1 1/2 years ago)
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Postby Purple » August 13th, 2006, 9:06 pm

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