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Pits in the news and info on Breed Specific Legislation.

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It's free on THRU 11/2/12 or ending on 11/2/12 -----

Grrr-- I couldn't record it due to my stupid speakers, so this was agony - BUT - it really struck a chord with me and I'm going to bring it up with my Dad who is a 30-year newspaper reporter veteran. (transcribing sux , BTW) -- This gentleman spoke several times in Beyone the Myth (and he appears to be a neutral source to me), I believe, but the most pertinent material, I think I covered btwn 56.0 mins left ending at 52:23.

OK - we keep speaking about the (stupid and counterproductive) MEDIA BIAS AND MYTH PERPETUATION - but maybe there are finally some freaking' teeth here to move forward on now that we have a name for this: -- I never did see where this gentleman was identified, but starting at approx 56 mins (left) ---

"Years ago, my colleague (...), was curious to study the power of the press IN SETTING THE AGENDA and TELLING US WHAT TO THINK ABOUT, so we got together and we studied the 1968 campaign and discovered that the MAIN MEDIA, newspapers and television, DO seem to tell people what to think about, so it's come to be called the 'AGENDA SETTING FUNCTION OF THE PRESS.' Our research indicates that if media consistently talk about a topic, that topic becomes important to the audience and more effective by agenda setting any medium if they know little or nothing about the topic.

If you tend to see a story OVER AND OVER AGAIN, or a topic over and over again, in any media, you tend to think quite naturally, it's important. If you have certain words that are repeated over and over again, uh, in association with at topic, you naturally make (a) common association with that topic. We discovered that when another breed attacks, that it is NOT mentioned it the headlines - it's just 'Dog Attacks." But where a pit bull attacks, it's usually 'Pit Bull Attacks,' so there IS a connection made more in the headlines, in our little examination of it.

If you live in a neighborhood and that's a neighborhood, where there is a dangerous dog attack, regardless of breed, that you'd want to give it a lot of publicity. From that point of view, any dog attack would be treated as a public threat. Among the MOST IMPORTANT readers or users of media are LEADERS - they're the most important people who read the media and they develop impressions as well from the way issues are presented and framed." - end 52:23
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