Dog finds view fetching

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It's an American Bulldog, not a pit bull but still a cute story

Dog finds view fetching
Dallas canine's favorite hangout: Roof! Roof!

12:00 AM CDT on Wednesday, May 31, 2006
By KATIE MENZER / The Dallas Morning News


The next time you're outside Anthony Giambri's house and you feel a drop on your head, don't automatically reach for an umbrella.

From her elevated perch, Ariel has been known to startle the pizza delivery guy, and newcomers to the neighborhood sometimes ring the doorbell to warn her owner, Anthony Giambri, that there's a dog on the roof. It's probably not rain.

It's drool.

Mr. Giambri's 4-year-old American bulldog, Ariel, has a penchant for perching on the roof of his Old East Dallas home. Neighbors are accustomed to the high-rise doggy digs – Ariel's been roosting there periodically since puppyhood – but visitors are usually agape at the over-the-top canine.

"We always know when someone new has moved in to the neighborhood because they'll ring the doorbell to tell me my dog's on the roof," said Mr. Giambri, an investment-risk adviser. "And she scares the crap out of the pizza delivery boy."

Ariel first took to the roof years ago to chase a neighbor's cat, which jumped up there to escape. Ariel was able to safely reach the roof from a balcony at the back of the house.

Coming down was another matter.

The surprised cat jumped to a neighbor's rooftop, and Ariel followed closely behind.

Although the cat made the leap, Ariel missed, falling into a tree while learning a valuable lesson about gravity.

"She hasn't fallen off the roof since," Mr. Giambri said.

She's friendly while on the ground, but Ariel becomes quite aloof when she's aloft. When Mr. Giambri and his daughter visit the Bryan Place neighborhood swimming pool across the street from their home, Ariel heads to the rooftop.

Even for a dog, she's a bit of a voyeur.

"That dog seems to love pool parties," said neighbor Patricia Levitt. "She just sits up there and watches."
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